Welcome to the blog (and new website)

It's interesting how popular blogs used to be, and how they've almost completely fallen out of fashion (at least among my generation) in favor of 140-character status updates, "likes", and retweets. I think having a little more space to share a story or form a cohesive argument is kind of nice, so I'm going to give it a shot once more. Also, as more of my friends are graduating, transferring, or generally fleeing Houston to new and greener pastures (and honestly who could blame them!), many seem to drop off the face of the virtual planet. I'm hoping that by sharing my experiences and adventures I can lead by example and convince more to do the same. I expect this will be a fairly assorted mix of trip reports, philosophizing, and musings on Drupal and haptics. I'll try to keep it interesting and not alienate anyone... too much :)