Standing up projects in minutes using BLT, Lightning, and DrupalVM

On February 3, I presented a session at Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit in Portland on how to stand up new projects quickly and easily using BLT as the primary developer touchpoint. Below is a summary of the talk, as well as links to a recording and slides. Enjoy!


Starting a new project is hard. There are so many choices to make: how to manage configuration, how to onboard new developers, how to set up local environments, how to test your code, how to deploy to the cloud. Each of these choices is fraught with peril... unless you're using great tools to automate these processes, like BLT, Lightning, and DrupalVM!

BLT orchestrates these tools and helps you spin up and tear down projects practically on a whim, in just a matter of minutes. Want to start a new project off on a rock-solid foundation? Need a known-good vanilla codebase to test a d.o issue? Looking for a great local development environment? Onboarding new developers? Have no fear, these open-source tools are here to help!

See presentation description on the PNW Drupal Summit site.

Recordings and slides

Slide deck (pdf)